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Editorial Submissions

The editorial staff  accepts submissions related to the education, youth, and the societal influences on our youth today. Submissions should be of use to any and all of our browsers and the editorial staff reserves the right to reject any submission.


Articles should reflect one or both of the following: 
1) newsworthy and timely subject matter, and
2) a pertinent issue or resource for our browsers. 


The length requirement for news features generally ranges from 800 to 1200 words. These articles should provide in-depth coverage of an issue or topic. Profiles generally run within the same length range and highlight specifics about a noteworthy individual in the industry or an individual agency. Articles should be balanced in presentation at all times, avoid unrealistic or misleading claims and any sources used will be checked by the editorial staff.


All articles to be posted on  must meet the strictest standards of
ethics. Any content that is intended to offend others will be rejected for publication. Any writer that misrepresents another's work as his/her own will lose his/her privileges to be published on . Writers are responsible for their own work and any inaccuracies that may be present in their articles. Misquotes and errors of information will not be tolerated.
The policy of  is to treat all perspectives of an issue equally and objectively. The editorial staff of  reserves the right to reject any submission deemed inappropriate or that fails to meet the guidelines and to edit submissions for style and space.

Send all submissions via email to or fax to Editorial Dept., at  (617) 770-3339.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is made up of leaders in various aspects of youth education, services, treatment, research and thinkers who are on the cutting edge of prevention and developments to assist youth. They are responsible for sharing news, developments and information with the editorial staff and the browsers of the with the goal of increasing communication and discussion of the issues on a nationwide and worldwide basis. 

For more information about submitting your application send an email to

Chat Rooms/Think Tanks has created several pathways of communication among its browsers. Chat rooms and a weekly Think Tank question are the two most prominent methods for becoming involved in the discussion. Both are designed to encourage informed and thoughtful discussion of the issues relating to youth today and will do its best to monitor discussions to ensure they remain in this vein. Browsers should keep this in mind when participating in discussions. staff reserve the right to remove any posting that is disrespectful, offensive or contrary to the website's mission.

For more information about how to become involved, email the Time2Act staff at 
 159 Burgin Parkway | Quincy, MA 02169 
617-471-4445 | Fax 617-770-3339