Time2Act Feature Article Archives

The following articles previously appeared as  feature articles on Time2Act.
04/26/2004 Operation HOPE: Banking on our Future 
04/05/2004 Alcohol Education for High Schools Students Goes Online 
03/15/2004 Inmates Teach Students to Make the Right Choices 
02/16/2004 High School Freshmen Fight Back Against Dating Abuse 
01/19/2004 Students Give Students the "Courage to Live" 
11/03/2003 Keeping Kids Safe in Cyberspace 
07/21/2003 Look At Teen Suicide: Reading This May Save Someone You Know  
06/16/2003 Recovery Schools Keep Kids Sober and Smart 
05/12/2003 Pregnancy Prevention Program Starts Early 
04/14/2003 Youth Voices Heard on Violence Prevention 
03/03/2003 Making an Impact on Youth Through School-Based Mentoring  
02/10/2003 Providing Dating Violence Prevention Through Education, Part II 
02/09/2003 Providing Dating Violence Prevention Through Education 
01/27/2003 Missouri Gives Young People a Seat at Government's Table 
11/25/2002 New Initiative Urges Schools to "Be Safe and Sound" 
09/30/2002 Targeting Safety, Inventor's Creation Looks to End Accidental Shootings 
06/30/2002 "Diary" Open for Teens Nationwide 
05/26/2002 Promoting Peace Through the Power of Words 
04/28/2002 Agencies Challenged As Foster Kids Grow Up and Out of Care 
04/13/2002 A Lesson Plan and A Day Provide a Lifetime of Valuable Media Lessons 
03/24/2002 Putting Education and Safety Together Inside The Jigsaw Classroom 
03/10/2002 A DARE-ing Move In a New Direction 
02/24/2002 Internet Plays Increasing Role In Preventing School Violence 
02/03/2002 Boston's Ten-Point Coalition Combines Faith and Community to Help Violent Youth 
01/24/2002 Program Helps Youth 'Caught in the Crossfire' Make Positive Changes 
12/24/2001 From Traffic Safety to Making NOYS, Youth Step Up for Change 
12/03/2001 Educating Communities About Gun Safety 
11/11/2001 Survey: School-based Officers Prevent School Violence, Increase Safety 
10/14/2001 Getting Youth Involved with the Arts: From Expression to Prevention 
10/01/2001 Recent Surveys Give Insight into School Violence 
09/10/2001 Jaguars Score with Honor Rows Program for Kids 
08/26/2001 Co/Motion: Fostering Youth Advocacy  
08/12/2001 "Safe Night" Combines Celebration and Violence Prevention  
07/29/2001 Making a Difference Through Mentoring 
07/15/2001 Sexual Harassment In Our Schools  
07/02/2001 Man's Best Friend  
06/17/2001 Keeping the Peace Among Students 
06/03/2001 Focus on Food Gives At-Risk Youth A New Lease on Life in Florida 
05/07/2001 Social Workers Are Central to Violence Prevention in New Mexico 
05/06/2001 Empowering Students to End Gun Violence 
04/16/2001 National Program Helps Youth Become More Media Savvy 
04/01/2001 Have Zero Tolerance Policies Gone Too Far? 
03/25/2001 Uniting Youth and Community Development  
03/18/2001 Taking A Closer Look at How the Media Reports School Violence  
03/11/2001 Study: "Hands-On" Parents Can Reduce Drug, Alcohol Use In Children  
03/04/2001 Changing Young Offenders' Attitudes About Guns 
02/25/2001 Alcohol Testing Kits Give Parents More Control 
02/18/2001 More Than Words  
10/16/2000 Communities Tackle Underage Drinking  
08/13/2000 Survey Finds Less Teenage Sex, More Condom Use 
07/30/2000 Boy Scouts Send Damaging Message to Already Vulnerable Teens  
07/23/2000 Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics Reports Children Gaining in Many Areas  
07/21/2003 Free Summer Camp In Florida Changes Community Outlook  
07/16/2000 Beware of the Dangers of Club Drugs  
07/09/2000 The Columbine Report: Shedding Light on One of the Nation’s Darkest Moments  
07/02/2000 Anonymous Reporting System Encourages Students to Communicate  
06/25/2000 Promote Kindness in Your School and Community and Make a Difference 
06/18/2000 School Personnel Should Be Prepared to Help HIV-Infected Children, Pediatricians Say  
06/11/2000 Schools Look to Security Technology to Increase Safety: New Report Can Assist with Decisions  
05/29/2000 Girl Power Campaign is Helping Young Girls Stay Healthy  
05/22/2000 Moms Take a Stand Against Guns  
05/15/2000 How to Prepare and Respond to a School-Based Critical Incident  
05/01/2000 New Report Examines States’ Use of Criminal Sanctions of Young Offenders  
04/24/2000 Internet Poses Opportunity and Risk: Cybersafety for Children and Teens 
04/17/2000 Sports Civility Movement: Sportsmanship Course for Parents  
04/10/2000 Presentation is Preparing Students for Success  
04/03/2000 OJJDP Releases New Crime Prevention Information 
03/27/2000 Gang Awareness Programs Compliment DARE  
03/20/2000 Frequent Binge Drinking Continues on College Campuses Nationwide  
03/13/2000 Bullies in School are No Laughing Matter  
03/06/2000 Massachusetts’ Proactive Approach to Youth Violence Prevention 
02/28/2000 Verbal Communication Skills Combat Crisis  
02/21/2000 Teen Suicide: The Tragedy is Preventable 
02/14/2000 Suggestions for Teaching At-Risk Youth 
02/07/2000 Straight Edge or Violent Edge? 
01/31/2000 Tolerance is Tied to Safety 
01/20/2000 School Safety Continues to Raise Concerns