About Time2Act 

The Mission of Time2Act.org is to be a part of the solution to today's problems in education, social development and youth violence. It is intended to encourage discussion among professionals in education, the justice system, parents, students and the community to stimulate new approaches to these issues nationwide and initiate reform. 

Time2Act News Role:

In keeping with the mission statement of the website, the Time2Act editorial team's news role is to present solutions, thoughtful discussion and debate about the most timely and relevant issues to our browsers by utilizing the best resources nationwide. Time2Act intends to provide this to its browsers by taking an approach that is different than the mainstream media and becoming a part of the solution. To contact the editorial staff email editorial@time2act.org

Who operates Time2Act? 

The Time2Act is owned and operated by Screened Images Multimedia, a division of Screened Images, Inc. a leader in government and corporate Website Development and Video Production. Screened Images Multimedia has over 30 years combined experience in computer information systems, industrial and commercial video production,  cd-rom and Internet development. Screened Images is proud to present Time2Act, an Online Resource for educators, parents, students, and all professionals working with kids today . If you are a professional, agency,  or association involved in educaiton of today's youth and would like to be included in Time2Act, please contact us by email or call us at (617) 471-4445. 
If you have an idea or suggestion for the Time2Act staff, let us know about it. 

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